Friday, September 30, 2011

Though we thrive through all the tension
What about coloured selves?
What is your take on the fact that your colour is disarray?
And can you tell that our lives have a real shot
Can you tell if it’s a scream or a whisper
What would it take so it could be us
How would you stand in their eyes
No disguise, till they notice that..

I know what we’ve all been missing
Ooh gotta figure where it’s coming from
Ooh I got a ticket with a lot of missions
Ooh gotta figure where it’s coming from

Would you take the fire
And throw it when it starts to burn
Notice the pain’s so much.. Oh why..
Watching it come all alive, all lit
What if it rained and it spilt over
And everybody watched as you got soaked wet
Would you cry and call it a mistake
Or work together, yeah we gotta love each other
Work together! 

..I know..

When you go, you’ll go away
Where you go it’s never far
When you go you’re on your way
You’ve got it any way you like

I know what we’ve all been missing, ooh I’ve gotta figure,
I’ve been telling you so many times before.. 
Coz I fell in love with all my missions.. 
And I never knew what I’ve been looking for, what do you say?
I know I’ve been telling you so many, many, many, many, many lies,
These words are the words I’ve been feeling, in this life..

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